The end of root cause analysis?

Focus on Analysis: The End of Root Cause by Matthew Boeckman – October 20, 2017 I recently came across this article on my LinkedIn, and felt it was important to share. To summarize, analysis with Cynefin starts by mapping the behavior you’re trying to understand to one of four quadrants: Simple, Complicated, Complex, and Chaotic.Continue reading “The end of root cause analysis?”


Koho for iOS Launches in Canada

Check out this article about Koho which iPhone in Canada blog posted today. I’ve been using Koho for the past few months and have to say it’s pretty cool. Instant spend tracking, auto-saving, and tons of great features on their roadmap. Vancouver-based Koho has launched across Canada today. Source: Koho for iOS Launches in Canada:Continue reading “Koho for iOS Launches in Canada”