Useful PowerShell Commands

Here’s a couple of quick, handy PowerShell commands that I’ve found come in handy again and again.

Get a DLL Version

(Get-Command C:PathYourFile.dll).FileVersionInfo

Often, I get asked what version of an application is installed on product. This command provides a quick, easy, and copy/paste-able way to access the info.

Copy all files in a txt file to a folder

get-content .filelist.txt | %{ copy-item $_.trim(‘”‘) .}

Another one that comes up a lot — “Can you send me a copy of all these files,” followed by a huge list of DFS share paths. With this command, just throw them in a file called “filelist.txt” and run it, it’ll copy all the files in the text file (without the subdirectories) for quick and easy copies.

Got any go-to PowerShell commands you use often? Share them in the comments.

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